Amazon Fire 7 (2019) Tablet Review

Fire 7 Tablet Review – Our Score is 7.8 out of 10

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is an entry-level, no-frills, get-the-job-done tablet by Amazon. Our Monkey team is testing the Fire 7 and we are getting exactly what we expected: a budget interface into the Amazon universe.

Part of our review process is to read other top-quality review sites. The Fire 7 does not get a lot of love from reviews on the internet. I disagree with most of these negative reviews with a different view of this tablet.

First, let’s get this out of the way, it is not an iPad.

Second, if you need top-tier performance in any one category from a tablet, the Fire series may disappoint.

Good and Bad

As an all-around media device, the performance exceeds the price. If price is not a concern, then we agree with many other reviewers and purchase the Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 tablets. The strongest asset of the Fire series, including the 7, is Alexa. This turns the tablet into a viable household device.

This tablet is light and easy to hold for children and adults. Being kid-friendly goes with the ability to create a child profile. Also, there is a kid’s edition with a kid-proof case for an additional cost, which we did not test.

Most of the negative reviews are knocks on the speed, screen quality, speakers, and pictures. I found the speed tolerable and the screen quality better than expected, based on the reviews prior to purchase. The speakers are not great, nor are the pictures. The sound from a connected headset or through Bluetooth is much better.

On the plus side, the battery life is up to 7 hours, providing a lot of time unplugged with a full recharge in 4-hours. Also, there is a microphone with the Alexa option.


Our conclusion is the Fire 7 is a beginner tablet for browsing, reading, games, watching TV, and videos. It can do more with a host of apps including email, contacts, maps and more. It will not “wow” on any level but performs as expected.

For more details, or if you are new to the tablet world, keep reading for our complete review.

7.8Expert Score
Amazon Fire 7 (2019) Tablet Review

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a good choice for a tablet when every dollar counts. To make it really shine pair it with a Prime Membership.

Set-Up - Less than 30 Minutes
Display - Stand Definition (SD)
Resolution - 1024 X 600 171 PPI
Internal Storage - 16 or 32 GB
External Storage - Up to 512 GB
Battery Life - 7 Hours
Charge Time - 4 Hours
Processor -64 Bit quad-core
Operating System - OS 6
Camera - 2 MP front and rear
  • Alexa enabled
  • Memory up to 512 GB
  • Parental controls
  • Dual Cameras with HD
  • Light weight
  • Mono speaker
  • Standard Definition

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Fire 7 – In the Box

Fire 7 Tablet, quick start guide, safety instructions, 5W charger with 36” USB 2.0 cord with micro-B connector. My order arrived neatly packaged.

When I ordered, there was an option to pre-connect to my account to simplify the process. I checked this box. It took me around 30 minutes to enter my data and get through all the offer screens and download the new updates, etc. I thought the offers were too much and deducted some points. I understand they need a few on there, but less is sometimes more.

Frustration-Free Setup -There is a link for details on the order page. This works by using helper devices to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. I recommend reading through this to see what you are enabling. It doesn’t seem too creepy and another way to wrap you into the Amazon universe more completely.

How Big?

Size – 7.6” x 4.5” x 0.4” (192 x 115 x 9.6 mm)

This unit feels thin in my medium size hands. It’s also a little slippery, which makes it a little difficult to find an easy way to hold with one hand. One of those little popup holders or a case may be the trick. Two hands work well.

Weight – 10.1 ounces (286 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Some other things that are around 10 ounces:

  1. A short can of soda
  2. The human heart

The Fire 7 has Standard Definition

The display is a 7” glossy touchscreen IPS (in-plane switching) with 1024 X 600 resolution at 171 PPI, SD video playback.

IPS -A technology for liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). Reading the history of this technology is akin to medieval torture, so I’ll spare you. Basically, IPS makes clear images with better colors to see the picture from all angles. It also reduces marks on the screen when you touch it.

Fire 7 has 1024 X 600 resolution at 171 PPI (Pixel Per Inch). The PPI is the measurement of the resolution quality of an electronic image. The horizontal and vertical densities are typically the same as most devices have square pixels. I went to Wikipedia for research on this, and no joke, the calculation of the monitor PPI includes the Pythagorean theorem. So I owe an apology to my high school geometry teacher for wondering when I would ever use that in real life. She would tell you the higher PPI, the better.

There is a Blue Shade setting with a brightness reduction and color adjustment. A setting allows automatic activation with a schedule.

PPI and DPI are often used interchangeably. They are different. Hold on to your seats while I explain. PPI is a digital pixel resolution, while DPI is the amount of ink dots on a printed page.

If you are a single guy and wish to remain that way, whip out “why PPI and DPI are different” on a date. Another way is to create product review sites.

Fire 7 Storage Options

Internal Storage – There are two options when ordering:

1. 16 GB (9.4 GB available to user)

2. 32 GB (23.6 GB available to user)

The on-board apps and operating systems take 6.6 GB on the 16 GB option and 8.8 GB on the 32 GB option.

External Storage – Additional Storage

You can add a micro-SD card for up to 512 GB of additional storage. Typical prices for the 512 GB cards are $35 and up. You can get a 128 GB for around 20, which is 8X the on-board memory. Some apps may require that they are installed on internal storage. App or feature updates may impact available storage.

The reports for the average movie size from an internet search range from 2 to 4 GB per movie. This range will vary considerably but does give you sense of what the 9.4 GB available to the user on the 16 GB will hold.

Movies – Approximately 1 to 4
– or –
Pictures – Approximately 1,800

Cloud Storage – Unlimited for Amazon digital content purchases.

Tip on Optimizing Storage

  1. Open Settings then select Storage.
  2. Remove content that is not being used by selecting Archive Now under 1-tap Archive.

Note: Amazon purchased content is automatically saved to the Cloud. Removing it from your device does not delete it from your Amazon account.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The reported max is 7 hours. I ran ours for seven hours streaming “The Boys” and it died almost on the dot. With all devices, it really depends on what you are doing. No battery is ever good enough. Maybe Elon can get on the case.

Tips on Conserving Power

  1. Force close apps running in the background
  2. Dim your screen.
  3. Reduce your screen timeout.
  4. Confirm that your device is using the latest software version.
  5. Use Smart Suspend to disconnect from your network when it’s not in use.
  6. Lower the volume or use headphones.

Charge Time

The reported time is approximately 4 hours using the micro-USB power adapter included in the box. Our test indicated a slightly faster recharge time with the included 5W power adapter.

Geek Specs

Processer:  Media Tek8163 is an integrated SOC 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 MPCore, 3D graphics (OpenGL ES 3.1), 13-megapixel camera ISP, DDR3/L up to 800MHz and high-definition 1080p video decoder.

How Much Ram?

1 GB

Fire 7 Operating System

The Fire 7 (2019) Tablet device runs Fire OS, which is based on Android Nougat (Android 7.1.2, level 25).

WiFi Connectivity

Single-antenna dual-band WiFi. Supports public and private WiFi networks or hotpots that use the dual-band:

802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard

Security: Support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security using password authentication

DOES NOT support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) WiFi networks. WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) is not currently supported.

4G Connectivity – NO

Airplane Mode – Yes

Data Usage Meter – Yes


This was tested and picked up my iPhone and LG HBS700 headset. It also picked up one of our printers.

Once paired, you can:

  1. Rename the device
  2. Toggle on/off for Phone
  3. Toggle on/off for Media audio
  4. Forget the device


If you have Bluetooth enabled, and it does not see the item you want to pair , leave the item on and turn Bluetooth off on the Tablet and then back on. This should pick up whatever you are trying to pair.


USB 2.0 (micro-B connector) to connect to a PC/Macintosh computer, or to charge your device with the included power adapter; microSD slot for external storage


I put in a pair of earbuds from my old iPhone, and the sound was decent. On full volume, it was loud enough to be too loud. One integrated speaker on high gives a below adequate experience. I tested a streaming movie from Amazon, maxed the volume, and held my iPhone about 2’ away and got this:

Fire 7 Tablet Sound Test at 2'

Sound Settings include:

  1. Media Volume – Low to High
  2. Alarm Volume – Low to High
  3. Notification Volume – Low to High
  4. Do Not Disturb Preferences
  5. Default Alarm Control – Select 1 of 16 sounds
  6. Screen Locking Sounds – On/Off
  7. Charging Sounds – On/Off
  8. Touch Sounds – On/Off



Is the Fire 7 Camera any Good?

There are two cameras each 2 MP. One on the front and one rear-facing camera. Each are 720p HD video recording. The still photos are not current phone quality. This is no real surprise. It’s OK for fun photos and sharing with friends and family. The photo size is 1200 X 1600 and around 525 KB.

Photo/Video Storage – The images are stored at Amazon Photos. If you set-up an email account, pictures can be sent via email. Direct links also include Twitter, Bluetooth and connected printers.

Location Services

Location-based services via Wi-Fi

Available Colors

Black, Twilight Blue, Plum, Sage

Apps and Notifications

There is a comprehensive menu where you can manage all apps. This menu allows you to change permissions, disable, and force stop. Data metrics are available.

Parental controls allow for restricted purchasing, content types, web browsing, and access to other features. Access to Alexa is blocked when parental controls are enabled.

Additional Features

External volume controls, built-in Bluetooth with support for A2DP compatible stereo headphones, speakers, microphone, and LE accessories support

Amazon Services Access – With Prime Memberships

X-Ray is an exclusive feature on Prime Video that helps members learn more about what (or who) they’re watching. Get bios, filmographies, facts, trivia, character backstories, photo galleries, bonus video content, and more without pressing pause to check your phone.

FreeTime Unlimited is an all-in-one subscription that gives kids access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books, and games on compatible Fire, Android, iOS, and Kindle devices. Plus, kids can enjoy hundreds of hours of fun with ad-free radio stations and playlists, Audible books, and a growing list of premium kid’s skills available on compatible Echo devices.

Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon benefits with one other adult, teens, and children in your household. Both adults share select Prime Benefits, digital content using Family Library, and can manage the profiles of teens and children in the household. Teens in the household can share select Prime benefits too.

Amazon Household can contain up to ten members:

  • Two adults (ages 18 and over), each with their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four teen profiles (available for ages 13 through 17), which allow teens to have their own Amazon login to shop or stream content while still keeping their parents informed.
  • Up to four child profiles (suggested for ages 12 and under), which can be used on Amazon experiences geared towards children like Amazon FreeTime, child profiles are not enabled to shop on Amazon.


90-day limited and service with optional 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 years Extended.

We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Terms and Conditions.

Fire 7  – FAQ’s from around the web

Is the Fire 7 waterproof?


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Can I Insert a Chip?

You can use a micro SD card.

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Do you pay for data usage?

There is no payment for cellular data, just Wi-Fi.

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Do digital pens work?

Yes, you can use a capacitive stylus.

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Can I uninstall Alexa?

No, but you can turn her off.

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Can you read a book and listen to a book at the same time?


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Fire 7 or Kindle e-reader for books only?

The consensus is that the Kindle e-reader is superior if you are only going to reading. The display is better with no blue light issues.

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Can I use google map, or any other map feature with Wi-Fi?

It comes with a mapping program, called Maps. The Fire does not have GPS, only Wi-Fi. So, you will have to use the Maps program as Google Maps requires GPS. It’s possible to use your phone as a hotspot, although you may as well use your phone.

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Can I install Google Play Store on the Fire 7?

The short answer is yes. We did not install play. There are sites with instructions on how to side load. There are reports of installing Google Play voiding the warranty.


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