Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

I walked in the plane with my brand new Beats Studio3 headphones like it was my G5. They are not small, so giving up that much space in my carryon was a little rough. But, I was about to find out how much it was worth it.

The Beats3 Story

Who doesn’t love flying? Four hours of envisioning myself plummeting to earth in a fiery ball of metal are hard to beat. Unless, of course, you have the Beats Studio3! (My wife is a professional writer and SEO gal, and she is going eye roll hard when she reads this).

After years of watching stars and athletes stride with headsets, I finally got my Beats. For precision, Beats Studio3. I cashed in some gifts cards and some fantasy football winnings and grabbed myself a set after Christmas. Now, I need an audience to see me slow-motion walk with my headset oblivious to the world, heading to some championship.

Since that is not going to happen, I looked for an opportunity to test them out. As fortune would have it, I flew to San Diego shortly after buying them for vacation and a MonkeyFAQs meeting. A perfect opportunity to test the features of the headset.

Ok, let’s move on for crying out loud. Before takeoff, I get the 3.5mm cord to plug into the seat in front of me. Plugging this in works like a dream. Turning on the headset is cool because you can hear the noise-canceling kick in, or, Pure adaptive noise canceling (pure ANC).

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How Much Noise Cancelling?

For the first hour, I have the audio on watching a movie and a stress stone in my hand. I remove the headset to talk to my buddy Dan, and that’s when I understood the noise-canceling ability. It was LOUD in the plane, and very quiet in my world.

So quite in-fact, there were a few times when we were descending into San Diego that I swore the engines had stopped. That is NO joke. I couldn’t hear any engine noise or feel any vibrations on the floor. Three separate times I removed the set to make sure we were not in danger.

Cause if we were in danger, I would slow-motion walk to the cockpit with the headset cranked, wrestle with the joystick, and pull-up just in time to save everyone on-board. Then I WOULD have that championship moment. But alas, all was normal.

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My Friends and Mom’s Take on the headset

My traveling buddy is a professional editor who films and makes TV shows and commercials. So, a lot of time with video and audio equipment. I figured a detailed discussion when I asked him to test out my Beats. Sometimes he is a man of few words, which is this case on this test. His reply: “I like em”, which is a strong endorsement. My mates forget that I own a product review site.

After this trip, these are going on all my flights. The solitude they provide on a plane is worth the space they take.

After returning, I sent them with my mom, who also flew out to San Diego. I texted her to ask how they performed, and she replied, “Awesome!”

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My take on the headset.

I am not an audiophile. Reading reviews about mid-range, vocal clarity, and bass amounts are boring. So, for 94.3% of us who are not audiophiles:

They sound triumphant. Keep scrolling for our complete review.

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In the Box

In the box is one Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone, carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, universal USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.

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It is heavier than I expected with a sleek design. The over-the-ear cups are supple and swivel. My ears are small, and these are not tight but are on the verge. I use headsets in both my business life and personal life. As a gamer, I have a lifetime with the Steelseries brand. Both the Beats and Steelseries are over-ear, with a big design difference. The Beats world is out in the wild. So, the smaller size cups are better than some in-house over the ear headsets like the Steelseries.

The small ear-cup size may limit the number of hours before some level of ear fatigue. I reached this fatigue at 4 hours. It wasn’t unbearable, but it felt good to take them off for a bit.

The inside of the over-the-head portion has a similar covering with a little cushioning. Both sides extend to fit your head, and both have hinges to collapse for storage.

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The case is supposed to be a hard case. It is semi-hard and will flex when squished with medium pressure. The egg-like shape is a little unfortunate as it takes up weird space if you are packing with a space budget.

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There is a 36″ universal USB charging cable and a 53″ RemoteTalk cable. Both wires are fine. One nice feature I found when flying is the 3.5mm fits into the plane audio out. The remote talk cable has one button. Volume up/down on either end and a multi-function center button. This multi-function button has:

  1. Play
  2. Pause
  3. Answer
  4. Pick-up
  5. Microphone
  6. Forward
  7. Back

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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 7.2 in / 184 cm

Weight: 9.17 oz/ 260 g

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I tested the 20 hours with the noise canceling on, and it was right on the 20-hour mark. This test was with an iPhone Xs. Beats run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On the ear cup is a fuel gauge with five white lights.

There is a “Fast Fuel” charge. Plugin for 10 minutes and get 3 hours of playback.

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Apple W1 chip

Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth

Micro USB port

The Apple W1 chip is designed to integrate with Apple devices and Beats headsets. The W1 chip does three things:

  1. Pair quickly with Apple devices
  2. Reduces signal drops
  3. Improved power efficiency

Pairing is quick and easy. Turn both the device and the Beats Studio3 and hold them next to one another. A screen will pop-up and hit connect.

The signal drops and power efficiency are challenging to test. The beats do have a signal better than some of my other Bluetooth headsets in my testing area.

Beats Studio3 controls

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Ear Cups

The claim is the cups are ergonomic and pivot. All three of my family testers said they are comfortable. There is a designated left and right cup. Controls are on the left cup and let you take and make calls, run your music, and activate Siri.

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Sound Quality

I found the sound pleasing through the volume levels until the very top where I caught a little distortion. There is bass, as expected. It is nice to have no settings, just put the &^%$ things on your head and enjoy.

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Distance Test

Steve provided this test and commentary: I tested with an iPhone 8, and there is simply no comparison to my other Bluetooth headphones. The distance is typically limited to roughly 20 feet, pretty much line of sight, regardless of the brand. Beats are in a class by themselves. I live in a 100+-year-old building with plaster walls, 10 feet down the hall is the limit of most headphones. With the Beats, I was able to get 75 feet away without any loss of signal or cutouts. Even at the threshold of the signal, I was still getting clear audio. I can go down two floors, and I was still able to get a clear sound, although the distance was a bit shorter.

The other unusual Bluetooth effect occurs when you get to the limit of the distance. All of my other Bluetooth headphones start to distort when reaching the distance limit and then drop the connection. Beats are different; there was no distortion when hitting the border; they just cut out. I took a step back, and the sound returned without distortion. I didn’t have to do anything to reconnect. Hopefully, all headphones in the future will be like Beats, but for now, Beats is in the lead.

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The Beats Studio 3 is a little spendy with a crisp look, decent sound, comfortable ear cups, and terrific noise-canceling abilities.

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The Beats Studio 3 is a little spendy with a crisp look, decent sound, comfortable ear cups, and terrific noise-canceling abilities.

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  • Easy pairing
  • Comfortable
  • Crazy range
  • Long battery life
  • Little heavy
  • Failed in extreme cold
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