ThermoPro TP53 Digital Indoor Thermometer

Owner’s Manual

The ThermoPro TP 53 digital indoor thermometer hygrometer allows me to easily keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of each room.

These are the primary features of this indoor temperature and humidity gauge:

Large LED Display Thermometer

The TermoPro TP  displays the temperature in large enough numerals that I can easily see them from across the room. The LED backlit screen is plenty light enough to see. Touching the small light bulb on the bottom of the face panel will activate a yellow back light that will stay on for 15 seconds. The highs and lows for both temperature and humidity are in smaller numbers that are not visible from a distance.

Rapid Response Thermometer

Many thermometers are slow to adapt to fluctuations. This thermometer has a rapid response to changes in the room and updates temperature and humidity every ten seconds.

Thermometer with High Low Record

Keeping track of record highs and lows is a nice feature to have. The ThermoPro allows you to switch between recording the last 24 hours or all time, just press the small button on the back, at the top.

Multi-Mount Thermometer

The ultra-slender frame makes it easy to mount this indoor digital thermometer anywhere you want. Three mounting methods are available. A strong magnet on the back for the refrigerator, a hole on the top so you can mount it on the wall with a screw, and a pop-out stand to place it on a shelf or other flat surface.

Free Extended Warranty

If you register your thermometer with ThermoPro after your purchase, you will receive a 3 year extended warranty.


The ThermoPro is an inexpensive home temperature monitor. A pretty simple choice, it has all the essential features that most people are looking for at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a indoor thermometer that has the humidity at the top, ThermoPro has a different model, the TP 50.

MonkeyFAQs From Around the Web:

Can you calibrate it?

Answer: The TP53 indoor thermometer comes factory calibrated. Factory  calibrated.

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Dose it set itself. Automatically or do u have to set it

Answer: It’s automatically set.

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How do you get the batteries in the TP-53 with magnetic apartment?

Answer: Just squeeze the little 1/4 inch white lever right below the center of the magnetic bar while pulling up on it to open the battery compartment.

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Can you use this in a reptile terrarium and get accurate results?

Answer: I have ours in a 10’x12′ utility room, off our carport, & it’s maintaining same temp as the A/C is set for, which keeps room temp suitable for freezer to operate. For exact accuracy it seems to need free flow of air around it but I have no way to verify humidity reading.

It can stand up, with a built-in fold-out footpad, or be hung from the keyhole shaped hole on the back at the top. If you put it flat against the solid back of the terrarium, it might hinder it’s temp reading, but you can probably use the other two options.

You may or may not be able to utilize the touch-button to light up the face of it, depending on what’s in your terrarium! But it’s easy to read without using the light. I’m very pleased with it and I’ve heard no complaints from the occasional lizards & one skunk that snuck in under the door.

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Can you read the display without the back light being on? And also, what is the background color of the screen when the back light isn’t on?

Answer: Without the back light on it looks like a normal LCD screen with black characters and is easily readable in normal light.

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How low does the temperature go down??

Answer: After placing it in my freezer it reported a temperature of 15.8 F. Its specs state a range of -58 F — 158 F. The instruction manual is on ThermoPro’s website.

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Can you use this in an apartment?

Answer: It would work fine- it doesn’t need to be hung on a wall. It is small and can easily fit on a table or narrow ledge.

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How long does the device monitor temp & humidity? Is it just the previous 24 hours? Or is it longer period?

Answer: According to the description, there is a button in the back that switches it between last 24 hours and all time: “All time/24 HRs: Allow you to see temperature/humidity in the past or last 24 hours.” You can reset the “all time” with a button as well.

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Would this work well being put in a high humidity enclosure for like a gecko or frog?

Answer: SO FAR mine has worked in a tank for iguana.

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Is there a clock feature on this indoor thermometer?

Answer: no clock.

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Does it have a magnetic back?

Answer: Yes it does.

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