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DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes Review

As someone who has lived with Crohn’s for over 20 years I’ve become an expert at flushable wipes. I’ve changed my share of diapers on infants and toddlers as well. I ran across the video commercial that Dude Wipes has on YouTube and thought it was pretty funny (it’s at the end of the article if you want to take a look).

Is This a Real Product or Just a Novelty?

I checked on Amazon and saw that it was an Amazon Choice product, with thousands of reviews. Huh? I thought the ad was funny but didn’t think it was more than a novelty product. I placed an order and I have to admit I was wrong. Here is my straight up, on the level review, I’ll leave the tongue and cheek prose to them. There was one funny part, on Amazon they had new and USED ones available, I don’t think I’m interested in used wipes of any sort.

Multi-pack or Individuality Wrapped.

I ordered both the 48 count resealable multipack and a box of the individual wrapped. First the multipack. The first thing I noticed is that they are larger than most of the other brands. I compared them with the Cottonelle brand for size. As you can see they are larger. I didn’t think this would make a difference but with the Cottonelle I usually use 2 wipes, I found with Dude Wipes almost all the time, one is enough. Even though they are a bit more expensive per wipe I’m using less each time so it pretty much balances out.

Dude Wipe Size vs Cottonelle Flushable

Unscented and Soft

Dude Wipes are unscented, a feature that I love. They feel softer to me than the other flushable wipes I’ve used. This is just my personal opinion, I’m not sure how you can measure that quality. Holding one in each had they just feel a bit softer than other brands. I was a bit worried at first that they might fall apart easier, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

The 48 count pack is resealable and travels well. The one downside that I found is that it can be a bit difficult to get the first one out of the package. The plastic lid is a bit on the small side. Once I got the first one out, then it wasn’t a problem. They are listed as septic and sewer safe, I’m not going to debate that point I’ll leave that to you, you can form your own opinion.

How do the Individual Packs Hold up in the Real World?

The individually wrapped ones I put to the test. They are a slightly different size than the multi pack version but still work just as well. I carried several of the wipes in my back pocket for 2 weeks to see how the packaging would hold up. After the 2 weeks I ran it though the washer and dryer. It came out intact and unbroken.

I also carried one in my front pocket with my pocket knife, keys and my Ridge Metal Wallet. Same results, the packaging was unbroken even after all that wear. Now that’s a good design. I now carry them with me at all times, as they are also great for a cleaning hands, face or a quick freshen up.

Dude Wipes Pocket Version Wear and Tear

For a product that I thought was just a novelty, these flushable Dude Wipes turned out to be a high quality product for a good price. Easy to use and take with you, soft, scent free. Give them a try I think you’ll be as impressed as I was.

MonkeyFAQs Answers from around the web:

Does this company use animal testing?

Answer: According to the DudeProducts website, the only animals they test their products on are dudes.

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The “flushable” claim is questionable with all the news of “flushable” wipes wreaking havoc on sewer pipes. Are these 3rd party tested for flushing?

Answer: Yes they are – to the ISO highest standards – tested and certified to break up just like toilet paper, thanks DUDE!

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So how many wipes come with this?

Answer: 48 in the pack, 30 for the individuals

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Is the packaging recyclable?

Answer: There is no indication that it is.

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Can females use them?

Answer: YES! they can use them. They are better than feminine wipes. Cleaner and safer.

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Are they safe to use in an RV toilet?

Answer: Only an RV with the black water tank, never in the chemical toilet.

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Are dude wipes compostable?

Answer: They are not advertised as such.

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How do these compare to other wipe brands like Cottonelle or Scott?

Answer: I find them to be sturdier and a bit larger than other brands. There is also far less fragrance to these than other brands. Dude!

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Does this product leave a sticky/greasy residue behind like baby wipes?

Answer: No. It leaves you clean without the baby wipes effect.

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Will this pack fit in a pocket?

Answer: Dude Wipes has individual wipes that I take with me when traveling. The individual wipes fit in a pocket, backpack, briefcase or purse.

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Is there any alcohol in these?

Answer: No absolutely not.

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Are they hypoallergenic?

Answer: Yes as its says on the package.

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Do they Rip when wiping? My son doesn’t like normal adult wipes cause they rip.

Answer: According to my husband, no “rippage”. They clean very, very well. Way better than generic wipes.

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I notice a lot of reviews that seem to indicate this product is of poor quality/rips too easily? Not worth trying?

Answer: I’m in a love hate relationship with this item, because at first use they do tear upon taking them out and they are thin, which is why I wrote the review. However, after using it for a while and eventually they came out easily and didn’t tear upon use. So it’s possible they were just packed so tight, that when taking them out they tear. But I like them, but don’t like how thin they are because literally any type of force will start to make it tear.

9.4 Total Score
Not a Novelty, The Real Deal.

I found Dude Wipes to be a real product, not a novelty. The travel size is really handy. Fragrance free with aloe, the multi-pack larger size wipes means you can use less.

Travel Size Durability
Quality of Wipe
  • Soft
  • Fragrance Free
  • Flushable
  • Larger Size
  • Individual Wrapped Available
  • Small Multipack Opening
  • Packaging Not Eco Friendly
  • Slightly Higher Priced
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

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