We LOVE electronics. That’s why our mission is to provide awesome reviews to point you in the right direction when you’re making a purchasing decision.

But let’s be honest, while we can all claim to be in full-on lust with our tech, it’s really a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? When it works, the sun shines a bit brighter and the birds chirp a little louder. But when docs don’t print, your steps don’t get counted, and emails gets jammed up in your outbox—it’s frustrating.

At MonkeyFAQs, we test all our tech to give you an unbiased review on what we are loving or hating at the moment. See? We go both ways to help minimize the fallout of tech gone wrong.

Of course, even on reviews we love the most, we can’t guarantee a problem-free product. If we could, we’d be giving Elon Musk a run for his money. But know that we do test all the advertised features to give you nothing but straight talk and our insider tips we call MonkeyHACKs.

How Do We Select Products?

We’re kind of addicted to reviews,  so we select products by reading other great review sites and customer reviews. Really, we search any source that provides information. Most of the products we purchase are ones we plan on using ourselves—not just review.

We Buy Our Own Tech

One thing we admire about great review sites is when the tester actually uses the product. We don’t think there is really any other way.

So, we purchase all our products. We also do not accept free products or have any type of quid-pro-quo.

When we started this company, we talked at great length about our guiding principles and decided that a completely detached, and even confrontational at times, posture would allow us to keep true to our mission.

MonkeyFAQs mission is helping people.

Our 5-Step Electronics Reviews Process

  1. Read the product description, even the manual (yes, we’re those people)
  2. Test all the features
  3. Hunt down the FAQs from around the web and work through as many as possible
  4. Break down the most important criteria for each product
  5. Score each feature on a scale of 1-10.

Reviewer Qualifications

Our team has a mix of skill sets when it comes to technology. Most of the tech reviews are done by Steve and Scott. The more complex tasks are completed by Steve, who has the broadest skill set. We are constantly reading and testing our technology and learning each day. We do not claim to be experts in this given field.

Review Longevity & Updates

Many of the products we test remain with members of our staff, so we can give you updates through the life cycle of each product and compare products to their future versions.

Tech Review limitations

One downside of electronics is compatibility with other products. In fact, one of the most common questions on forums is, “Why doesn’t this work with my system?” Unfortunately, when it comes to testing audio, computer, or video components–or anything that joins two different pieces together–there is no way to test a product that will work with every possible scenario.


Your feedback is wanted. We have over a year of building the site, we have made a lot of changes, and we plan to make a lot more. Many of these changes require user feedback. So please, fire away! And don’t be afraid to be blunt and let us know if we’re off-track, just keep it clean and un-troll-like.