Mpow Flame Wireless Earbuds-Headphones Sport IPX7 Review

I picked up a set of the Mpow wireless earbuds to use while I walk. I wanted to see if a low-cost option would be “good enough” for daily use, and I have to admit I was surprised how good these were.

How Did They Fit?

They come with a good selection of earpieces of different sizes. There was even a foam set made of the same material you find in disposable earplugs. I did settle on a size that fits and blocks most of the traffic noise when I walk. There is a cord that connects the earbuds together, which allows me to take them off and drape it around my neck if I want to take them off for a bit. At first, I didn’t think I would like the cord, but it does come in handy.

I did find that I liked the cord behind my head, and when wearing a ball cap, it is convenient to tuck that up into the headband to keep it off my neck. Included is a small disk that you can use to tighten it up if you don’t want to leave it hanging, it’s in with the earpieces. The earpieces have an ear hook that keeps them stable and in place when you’re moving around. It’s a good system, they stay in place, and I can wear glasses as well.

The Sound

I was surprised at the audio quality. I mean these aren’t high end or expensive, I figured that the sound quality would suffer. The audio is clear, crisp, and had a decent bass. In both music and voice from my phone, I was able to carry on a conversation despite traffic noise. The bass wasn’t head popping but was solid without changing any settings. I was able to hear despite walking next to trucks, cars, and over freeways. The occasional very loud truck or motorcycle did overwhelm it when close.

Noise Cancelling Mic

Again as a low-end product, I didn’t expect much from the mic when using my phone. I walk pretty much every day around San Diego, and I’ve spent hours talking on the phone using this headset for the last three months. Our staff has had no difficulty hearing me clearly despite the traffic noise. The noise-canceling mic does an excellent job of cutting down the background noise while still allowing you to hear. It was a bit hollow, but that probably has to do with the fact that the mic is in your ear and not close to your mouth.


This claim is a little deceptive. In many of the ads, they claim it’s waterproof. It’s not. You don’t have to worry about sweat or a bit of water, but you can’t swim or wear them underwater. The connector to charge it is obviously not watertight, there is a small rubber cover that fits in when it’s not charging. In researching this product, I ran across quite a few situations where people did try to use them underwater, and it ruined them.

Battery Life

7-9 hours is the advertised battery life. Since battery life also depends on your usage, it’s hard to put a specific number on how it will work for you, but I’ve not had any problems in routine use.

Battery Indicator

On the iPhone, there is a small icon on the top bar next to the system battery, which will show up when connected right next to the headphone icon that shows your wireless earbuds battery status.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone Battery Indicator

Control Buttons

There is an on/off button which has other functions as well. A sheet of instructions comes in the small case and has all the features explained. You can control volume, hands-free phone connection, previous/next track, play/pause.

Includes a Small Case

The whole unit comes in a small case, a feature I like. It gives you a place to keep all the earbuds pieces together and is handy if you want to take them when traveling. You get several different earpieces, cord minder, charging cable, earbuds, and carrying case.


Considering that you can spend hundreds of dollars for a set of wireless earbuds, this is a real bargain. The price is perfect, and you get a good product for the money. I would say for kids this is a no brainer, there are eight different colors to choose from, and if they get lost, you’re not out lots of cash. Mpow wireless earbuds have become my go-to choice.

MonkeyFAQs From Around The Web:

How loud are they when you are listening to music?

Answer: They aren’t head banging material but they get the job done very well. I use mine while on my riding mower, which is pretty loud. What I was worried about and happily surprised with is that they do hold a charge for quite a while. Pretty sure I’ve gone 5 – 6 hours of play time between charges and they never dropped out on me. Two thumbs up from me.

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Is any of these earphones compatible with a wireless tv transmitter like the myzone tv transmitter? I find original headphones cumbersome and bulky.

Answer: As long as the TV transmitter is Bluetooth, then yes. If it is not Bluetooth, then no.

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Does this have media controls? Play/pause, Skip forward/backward, and Volume up/down.

Answer: Yes

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How do you plug the charger in? I cannot find an opening, these are the dumbest headphones, why no explanations on how to access plug in???

Answer: There is a little rubber flap attached on the side of one of the ear pieces. Flip one side up and plug in according. I love em!

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Can you wear glasses with them… for example cycling sunglasses while cycling will the glasses push the hooks off or be difficult to have both on?

Answer: I wear glasses and bandana with my headphones.

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How is the sound is it really clear or somewhat muffled? I want to be able to drown out gym equipment and people.

Answer: Even at the lowest volume the sound is excellent at higher volumes I have drowned out screaming playgrounds full of kids and my gym’s own music.

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Do they come with a case?

Answer: Yes, a very nice zipper case.

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Do these headphone work well when your phone is in your pocket? I have a pair (not by this brand) that don’t work if you’re not holding your phone.

Answer: It works very well when it’s in my pocket. It also works when I am nearly 60 ft away from my phone. It’s really worth my money.

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How is top volume on these? No brand I’ve tried compare to the volume on corded headphones. Need reassurance these fit the bill.

Answer: I also think corded headphones are louder, but for solid quality sound & fit at this price, these are hard to beat. For my personal taste these are loud enough 👍🏾

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I lost the charging instructions. What Are the blinking color combos & Their meaning?

Answer: Red means battery low and that’s the color until it becomes blue to show that it is fully charged. It is advisable that you charge using USB.

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How well do these headphones stay on your ear while you sweat?

Answer: I had the issue but because of the loop around the ear they never move and there still comfortable.

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Can you pause and play YouTube videos?

Answer: I can play YouTube videos and pause them, but have to use the phone itself to restart the video.

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What is the pairing code for this device?

Answer: Thanks for your question. Enter the code “0000” if needed.

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I would like to use these while on a cruise with no internet available. Would they work without the Bluetooth??

Answer: They connect to your device (phone, etc.) via Bluetooth NOT Internet. The lack of Internet should not affect linking and playing previously downloaded audio from your phone/device, just no apps that require internet connectivity.

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Are this good for women, since women ears are smaller than man’s ?

Answer: Yes, I am a female with relatively small ears and I love the fit of the Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones.

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Does this send incoming call sound notification?

Answer: Yes, for me when someone calls the headset tells me the phone number that is calling… and you can talk just like a reg Bluetooth headset.

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Where are the directions I cannot find them in the box or anywhere?

Answer: They were in the little zipper case. Pretty easy to figure out though. You can google or YouTube how to use them. Just hold the main power button for a few seconds until it starts blinking blue/red and then pair with phone. It’s automatic after that.

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Ok so I know u can answer phone calls with this headset, but can u reject phone calls with it? If yes, how?

Answer: Thanks for your question. You can reject a call by Short pressing the MFB button. (the on/off button)

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Can they be used with a laptop that has Bluetooth?

Answer: Yes you can.

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My headphones keeps showing a purple light what does that mean.

Answer: That it is paired and on.

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Can you use the headphone while they are charging?

Answer: No

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How do I skip songs?

Answer: The volume up or down buttons. If you “click” the button you will jump forward (+) or back (-), if you hold them down you change the volume. It was in the “owner’s manual“.

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If I purchase several of these to simultaneously use in a small room on individual PC’s, will they interfere with each other?

Answer: No, they will not. Each PC will connect to one headphone. You can Change which one connect to which at any time. You also can choose forget this device for other headphones to make sure that only one PC connect to one specific headphone.

9.2 Total Score
Excellent Low Priced Bluetooth Earbuds

Low priced earbuds - headset, bluetooth with noise canceling mic. Works with all phones and bluetooth devices. Very good sound, great value, good for kids.

Sound Quality
Mic Quality
Battery Life
Easy To Use
  • Good Sound
  • Water Resistant
  • Noise Canceling Mic
  • Long Battery Life
  • Not Waterproof
  • Buttons Could Be Simpler
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)


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