Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

Best Budget Headphones?

Are the Sennheiser HD 202 the best budget headphones for you? You can spend as little as $10 or more than $1,000 for a set of headphones; the big question is, do you need to layout lots of cash. The HD 202 is reasonably price, good sound, and comfortable for long term wear.

How Do They Fit?

The on-ear design is comfortable without excessive compression. I can wear my glasses without any noticeable pressure or soreness; the ear cups are soft and provide a good seal. They are comfortable enough that I don’t think about them when using it for an extended period. The top of the headband had a thick pad, which is a nice touch. The ear cups have a good range of motion so they can sit comfortably on most ears. With any headphone, you should save the box because if it doesn’t fit snugly you may want to return it.

Sound Quality

Probably the most important feature next to fit. The sound quality is quite good for the price. The highs are nice and crisp without being harsh. Good bass response that is neither too much or muddied even when boosted which was a surprise in a budget headphone. I’ve tested a full range of different music types, from hip hop to opera, and have had excellent results regardless of the music type. The headphones that I use for studio work is Sony’s MDR-1R, which run about $300. Do the HD 202 sound as good at my Sony’s, no, but then they cost a fraction of the price.

Noise Canceling

The HD 202 doesn’t have active noise canceling. They are a closed-back style which helps keep outside noise at a minimum. While I do like headphones for regular use that have active noise canceling, you are not going to find that in a budget headphone at this price. The close back also keeps most of the sound in the headphones. A must if you want to use them in a quiet environment without disturbing others nearby.


A 10-foot cord (3.3 meters) is kinda unusual, but I like it. With wired headphones, a long cord is a definite plus. One of the other distinctive features is the ear cups can be removed from the headband. If you want to use it DJ style, that’s an option, although I don’t think they thought this through. The cord from the split to each ear cup is only about 13 inches (0.3 meters) if you take one off that only gives you 26 inches (0.6 meters) between the cups. Not long enough to leave one on the console while the other one is on your ear. You can carefully snip the cord minder at the junction to give you more length.


Sennheiser has a good budget headphone, is it the best, the absolute best? Maybe, but you will get good sound and comfort without breaking the bank. That’s more than many headphones offer. I’m happy with mine, and I use them with my computer to listen to music while working.

Monkeyfaqs From Around the Web:

How does the bass sound?

Answer: To my ears, nothing will render bass as well as a good set of speakers in large cabinets (e.g. bass-reflex systems). But for headphones, these are pretty good even without using an equalizer.

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Is it on the ear or over the ear?

Answer: on the ear. they feel very comfortable.

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Do they have inline volume control?

Answer: No, but the cord length is huge (10 feet).

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How are they for classical music?

Answer: it’s good enough for classical music, especially on the bass part.

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Do they fit children?

Answer: depends on age. should be OK for 10 yrs. or older. There average sized headphones.

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If the wiring is so bad why do you keep selling them?

Answer: I’ve had no issues with wiring. In my experience, Sennheiser puts out good products at each price range. Again, I’ve owned and used the same pair for 4yrs without problems. So based on that, I would buy these again if I were in the market for an under $30 headphone.

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Would you recommend these for walking, going on the bus?? I’m looking for the best budget headphones for my ipod mainly, any advice is highly appreciated.

Answer: They stay firmly on my fat head whenever I’m moving. I love mine. And I have two pair, one for work, one at home, and both are going strong over a year later. Excellent product. They seem huge compared to ear buds, but the sound is great. I think outright jogging would not work, but even at a brisk walk they stick tight but comfy.

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Mic is there in the headphone?

Answer: No, there is not a mic.

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Will they fit 1/4″ plug?

Answer: Hi. An adapter is include in the package.

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Does it work with an ipad?

Answer: Yes.

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Is the headband of the headphones adjustable?

Answer: Yes.

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Looking for over the ear headphones for my 10yo niece to use with her ipod touch. Is this a good pick?

Answer: The headphone fits well on ears because of its shape and is well cushioned over the ears and on the head rest so comfort wise it’s perfect for your 10 year old. The cable is long so it’s not cramped up either. The sound quality is great, it’s clear and rather soft and the bass is not too banging on the ears. I used and returned 6 other headphones before I got stuck to this one. So I think it’s a good pick.

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Is it good for songs that have good Beat Drops?

Answer: For the money, not bad. You’re not going to get what top of the line headphones will do.

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What ages are these good for? I would like to get them for an 11 year old boy. Thanks.

Answer: I bought them for my 8 yo & they have held up perfectly!

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Can you play these at louder than average volume without sound leaking?

Answer: It probably depends on how much tolerance for leaking you have, but I would say no. When I play music loudly, someone seated near me would be able to faintly hear what I was listening to. This is in contrast to my in-ear earbuds, which leak almost no sound whatsoever. They are, however, much better for leaking than a less tight-fitting and ear-covering headset (think a Beats or similar)

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Are these adjustable or one size?

Answer: Adjustable. (I’ve never seen headphones that weren’t adjustable). They are an excellent buy. We use these at the radio station.

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How is the sound quality on these? Pronounced highs, deep lows? Muddy?

Answer: Well, being more of a Neal Young fan, I thought I’d branch out a bit on YouTube and answer your questions. I listened to Adele “Rolling in the Deep” and she brought tears to my eyes. “Uptown funk” had me dancing in my recliner. Moody Blues was crisp. I don’t know much about the technical, but I did YouTube Muddy Waters, old stuff but still sounded great.

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My kids tend to break the wires on headphones fairly regularly. Any negative experience with that? I don’t think the cord is detachable on this model.

Answer: I have had these headphones for a couple months now. Due to this I cannot speak 100% on their reliability. But, up to this point, I have not had any issues with the wires on the headphones. The wire is incredibly long, this has caused me to get it stuck under my chair or step on them from time to time which puts a lot of stress on the connection points. Even with this happening the wires still seem to be in good condition. I have also dropped these a few times with no damage being done.. yet. In my opinion these would be a good choice in headphones for your kids in that they are high quality enough, and still cheap to replace. (Because I am sure they can break any pair you find) I hope this answers your question!

Sound quality?

Answer: Sound quality is a personal preference. What I can say is, I have these and other head phones that cost 5x as much. I always pick up these.

9.3 Total Score
Budget Headphones, Good Sound, Great Price

Sennheiser makes a wide range of headphone, this is one of their budget models. Take a look if your looking for quality at a reasonable price.

  • Low Cost
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Closed Back
  • Ear Cups Could Be Larger
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