MonkeyFAQs Team

Meet our team of dedicated product reviewers.

Scott Lanz – Owner

Scott has a BS in finance with an emphasis in Commercial Real Estate Appraisal from St. Cloud State University graduating in 1994. A co-founder of an appraisal company in 1995 and sold in 2003. The next three years were as an independent consultant during a non-compete clause. In 2006 Lanz Appraisal, LLC was formed and continues to this day specializing in commercial real estate appraisals

Cara Lanz – Social Media

Cara spent the first part of her professional life in HR, then revenue management and digital marketing. Her current life is as a freelance writer,, and she is available for hire for web content, social media campaigns, email campaigns, blog articles, and no-nonsense advice.

Penny Lanz – CEO

Our beloved golden retriever/CEO directs the company with a huge skill set including Nerf frisbee retrieval, jumping through hula-hoops, comic relief, eternal happiness, kissing children and chasing squirrels who are obviously coordinating an attack on the house.

Why the FAQ?

In 2007 my wife and I embarked on a journey to become debt-free. Since we were limiting our spending to a mostly bare-bones lifestyle while we paid off debt, I wanted to make sure every dollar spent was done wisely. When we were forced to spend to replace items like appliances, yard tools, etc. quality and performance became paramount. I started a subscription to Consumer Reports, which I still have.

I also became a review junky, spending countless hours researching items–a passion which has never left. My inner circle knows this well, even seeking out my opinions on items. Sometimes getting my opinions without even having to ask. During this journey some of my friends and my brother started an “inventor’s night” where we would pitch new products and ideas and discuss current products we liked. We also worked on our respective careers and businesses and personal growth. It is possible a few cocktails were had.

This endeavor never bore any fruit on developing our own products, mostly due to the mass number of patents out there and many great minds beating us to the punch. It is very difficult to be original in today’s world.

Over the last 25 years my career as a commercial real estate appraiser and consultant honed my skills in analyzing and reporting on a variety of real estate properties including resorts, golf courses and apartments. As appraisers we are legally bound to be an unbiased, independent voice. I believe from feedback that my reputation to these ideals is true. This is the guiding force behind our site. 

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